Australian BBS Registry

Australian BBS Listings

Complete archive

BBS1911.ZIP November 2019 - Contains ALL files below

Registration Form

BBSREAD.TXT Information for filling in registration form
BBSREGO.TXT Registration form
BBSREGO.ZIP All Registration files Zip'd

Full format files

BBSFALL.TXT Australia wide
BBSFACT.TXT Australian Capital Territory
BBSFNSW.TXT New South Wales
BBSFQLD.TXT Queensland
BBSFSA.TXT South Australia
BBSFWA.TXT Western Australia
BBSFNT.TXT Northern Territory
BBSFALL.ZIP All Full format files Zipped

Dialing directory files

BBSDALL.TXT All states Dialing Directory
BBSDACT.TXT Australian Capital Territory
BBSDNSW.TXT New South Wales
BBSDQLD.TXT Queensland
BBSDSA.TXT South Australia
BBSDWA.TXT Western Australia
BBSDNT.TXT Northern Territory
BBSDALL.ZIP All Dialing Directory files Zipped

ASCII delimited data files

BBSAALL.DAT "", delimited data file (version 3)
BBSA1ALL.DAT "", delimited data file (version 1)
BBSA2ALL.DAT "", delimited data file (version 2)
BBSAALL.ZIP "", delimited data files Zipped
BBSA.TXT Information on BBSAALL.DAT "", delimited data file format
BBSA1.TXT Information on BBSA1ALL.DAT "", delimited data file format
BBSA2.TXT Information on BBSA2ALL.DAT "", delimited data file format
BBSATXT.ZIP Information on BBSA*.dat "", delimited data files Zip'd

News (change) / statistics files

BBSNEWS.TXT All the changes made with the current release
BBSSTAT.TXT Statistics of changes made with current release
BBSNEWS.ZIP All news files Zipped

News (change) / statistics files

FIDONET.TXT List of FidoNet systems
GTNET.TXT List of GTNet systems
WORLDNET.TXT List of WorldNet systems
AMIGANET.TXT List of AmigaNet systems
TELNET.TXT List of Telnet Based systems
BBSNET.ZIP All network files Zipped

Documentation files

BBSHELP.TXT Notes to help users of the lists
BBSDOC.TXT Full description of the lists
BBSCORD.TXT List of the Registry Coordinators
BBSDOC.ZIP All documentation files Zipped
BBSLIST.TXT List of available files
BBSLIST.ZIP List of available files Zipped
BBSPPG.TXT BBS Registry Policies and Procedures Guide
BBSPPG.ZIP BBS Registry Policies and Procedures Guide Zipped

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